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Sorting Discussions

Is is possible to sort discussions starting from oldest to newest as a default view for all participants?

Thank you.


  • Currently they are showing newest at the top.

  • I'm not able to duplicate this on your forum, it's showing as the default (oldest to newest) on my screen. This is a setting that you can change in the dashboard under forum settings > advanced.

  • I did change the settings but the sorting did not change. Any suggestions?

  • Can you provide a link to a thread where this is a problem? It's displaying correctly according to your settings for me.

  • http://mcgrc.vanillaforums.com/discussions/mine

    i would like to see the welcome threads first and then questions to follow the correct sequence.

    Thank you for looking into this.

  • LauraLaura Support, Staff

    Your only options for arranging the threads is to either have them as is, switch them to blog mode, in which case they will displayed when they were created (so, threads with a new post wont jump to the top of the list). You can rearrange the way posts are displayed within a thread, but that's mostly for people who embed vanilla in blogs.

    You can somewhat circumvent this by using announcements to sticky welcome threads at the top, but they will still be arranged by newest first.

    If you need it to work another way, contact sales@vanillaforums.com and explore your option for a customization.


  • I have switched to blog mode , but the arrangement still remains the same. I have tested it this morning thinking the forum only uses dates and not time to arrange but even if I post with a newer date, the blog view still shows the newest at the top.

  • LauraLaura Support, Staff

    That is correct. Blog mode makes it so the arrangement of the post is not based on posts that are made inside the thread, but the discussions themselves are still listed newest to oldest. Its not currently part of vanilla functionality to switch the order, as that arrangement is standard behavior for forums.

    But if you need it to work the opposite way, I encourage you to contact sales@vanillaforums.com and explore your options for a customization.


  • Will do. Thank you.

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