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Accessing Custom Profile Fields through API


I'm successfully pulling up the details for a specific user via your API using the syntax below:


However, the custom profile fields aren't all appearing in the JSON output. One is appearing, but the rest of them are not. Can you let me know why this is? For the directory we're building, it's really important that we can access custom profile fields via the API.




  • LauraLaura Support, Staff

    Hey Andrew,

    I will pass your question along to the developers and see if I can get some input for you.


  • Thanks Laura.

  • Hi Andrew, custom profile fields are not currently available over the API.

    You may be able to access them using this as an endpoint: /profile.json/{userid}/{username}

    This isn't officially supported and may change in the future.


  • Thanks Lincoln, appreciate the reply. Is this the correct formatting to what you're referring to?


    This was the only format I was successfully able to get data to pull up from, but it didn't contain any of the custom fields. Is there something I'm perhaps doing / formatting incorrectly?


  • Lincoln,

    If this is the correct format, it appears that custom fields may not be available via the API and we'll need to do some scraping to create the directory we want.

    Is it possible to view a standard member profile page within a private community when not signed in as a user by attaching the access token? If so, could you let me know what the proper syntax for that is?


  • Actually, just figured out the syntax for the scraping question. But if you could still address the formatting question above that'd be great.

  • That is the correct URL. The information must be enabled to display on the profile page for it to be available at that address.

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