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Private Messages

Is there a way to post a private comment which only the moderator can see? I am utilizing special roles and categories to group the participants. I am also not able to email the moderator as a participant.


  • LauraLaura Support, Staff

    Hey Clarie,

    I'm not sure if I know exactly what you mean. You can sent a private message by going to http://mcgrc.vanillaforums.com/messages/inbox, If you make a new message you can send it to whatever user you choose.

    If you'd like to post a comment within an existing thread that only mods can see, currently that's not possible.

  • Thank you. That second option which is current not possible would be ideal as it is provided by other firms we have used in the past to run Bulletin Boards. The "New message" option is not showing up if I log in as a participant. I will try again to see if my settings allow participants to email.

  • I just checked and not sure which option in Role and Permissions allows participants to send private messages. The email one is checked off but still doesn't provide that option. Thank you.

  • If you activate the Conversations plugin the appropriate private message settings should appear.

  • Found it. Thank you.

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