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Rank Questions


Just enabled the Rank plug-in, and am assigning ranks based on points. However, some ranks aren't appearing properly. One and two star ranks are appearing for some members (who meet the minimum number of points for the rank) alongside their name in the comments but not for others.

Not sure why it's working one some members and not others in the same rank categories.

Also, if I check the "Applied Manually" box does this mean that the ONLY way a member can achieve this rank is to be assigned it manually? Or does it mean that it can be assigned automatically (if the number of points / criteria are hit) but I can also assign in manually if desired?




  • LauraLaura Support, Staff

    I'll need some specific examples of members who have Ranks that aren't showing how you expect them.

    Applied manually means that that the only way the rank is achieved is if an administrator applies it manually. You'd then assign the rank to a member through the User page in your dashboard.

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