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Creating a new Locale

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We'd like to start translating the forum into Indonesian, which is the main language used by my members.
Can you help us to start out?



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    For sure - We have a "baseline locale" pack that contains all of the current strings in the system and their associated English definitions. All you would need to do is replace with your translations and then send it back to us to put on your forum. You can get the baseline locale pack here:


    There are some decent instructions on that page as well.
  • Great @Mark, we'll take a look.
    Before I begin, does the Locale pack also include notification email templates?
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    Yep - Everything *should* be in there.
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    Hello, we've finished creating the new Locale file - who should we send it to?
    Once it's installed, we may want to go through two or three iterations first to weed out any omissions, unnatural sounding phrases and/or coding errors.
    By the way, we couldn't find the following phrases in the locale, are they stored somewhere else?

    - "Attach a file" (file attachment plugin?)
    - "Choose a username to identify yourself on the site" (FB/Twitter Connect signup page. This is a doozy for a non english speaker to comprehend...)

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    You can email it to support [at] vanillaforums.com.

    If you include those two translations in the email, we'll take care of adding them to the file appropriately. No problem on going through revisions - that's always the way :)
  • Thanks Mark, we've completed the first draft and have sent it out to you.
  • Oops!! Forgot to include one phrase:

    Attach a file == Pasang Foto/Gambar

  • Hey,
    Thanks, I see you installed the new basic locale file a few days ago, but I'm still waiting for the additional phrases to be converted...
    When do you think this can happen? (FYI I included them in the zip file I sent with the filename translation(additional).txt)
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    Oops - Apologies on that. I'll add them now.
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    I have added them to your translation file, but there are some updates that need to be made to the plugins before they'll all work. I'll follow up on Tuesday (tomorrow is a holiday) and get it taken care of.
  • Thanks a lot Mark, and hope to see the changes later.
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    Update - We are still working on this one. Should have something today or tomorrow.
  • Hey @superlove, we added the locale update on Wednesday not long after Mark posted. Let us know when you have any further changes or corrections.
  • Hi there, did you revert my locale back to English?
  • No, let me look into it and we'll switch it back.
  • Thanks - it is now back to the Indonesian locale.
  • It's gone back to English for some reason... sorry can you please switch it again.
  • Manually switching it to Indonesian yesterday was a temporary fix - there's a bug being triggered that's causing it to revert to English periodically (there's a conflict with one of your custom plugins). We're deploying a permanent fix later today after some final testing.
  • Tim GunterTim Gunter Administrator, Operations, Staff
    This has been done, and I've also turned your Customize Text plugin back on. Let me know if you encounter any weird issues, but it should work as expected now :)
  • Thanks Mark, Lincoln and Tim.
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