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Dashboard Stats/awesome flag

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Our dashboard stats seem out of whack. I have two pages with 100 hits, one with 800, then the rest 8,6, 4, etc.
Discussions and comments don't match either we have lots and zero show up. Only one user ever shows up.

Also, we USED to have an "awesome" flag. I wanted to use it today and it disappeared.

Please advise thank you.


  • Hello and BUMPING these questions. Please advise thank you.
  • Persistent BUMPING I am wondering about all manner of 'stats' on our site, maybe we have a bug or ?. For instance I see on a member's page there are 0 posts listed but they HAVE posted. more than one time.

    On another member's page, it says there are followers, but no names or avatars, just the words "1 person."

  • Hi Julia, we're currently investigating the statistics issue on your site. Sorry for the delay in replying.

    Could you give me a link to which member we're talking about for this latest bug? Generally, it's extremely helpful to have specific examples to track down.

    The missing "Awesome" flag is likely a compatibility bug we've discovered in a few plugins recently. We're currently working on a fix and it should be back soon.
  • Hi Lincoln
    The stats are not completely critical but I am curious and would *love* to use each of the features to help serve our membership.

    I went to the member page just now and the"follower" issue just this moment changed. the ONE follower that had no avatar had just changed their avatar this morning so perhaps there is nothing up with that at all, or maybe it was a fluke. If I see this issue again I will ask a question with the member name indicated.

    Thank you for all your hard work.
  • Ok more info:

    her stats say zero visits, but she has made 2 posts. What is a visit if it is not to the forum and how could she have made posts without visiting?
  • There's a known bug where sometimes "visits" actually means "number of times the user has signed in". Karen probably made those two posts from the same session as registering, and so the counter hasn't incremented. It's on our list :)
  • hm, well, here is more information on that, if it can help you with fixing this particular issue:

    try this one:http://qhht.vanillaforums.com/profile/1152/Patti.Intoranat
    she has been on and off line quite a bit, made 8 posts several messages and also has 0 visits.

    here is a moderator. On and off the forum most days since mid January... She has 2 visits.

  • OK, thanks Julia!
  • Any progress on our stats and bugs?
  • Hi Julia,

    I was trying to figure out where the "Awesome" button you referred to came from. Based on what I recall from your account, I think you had accidental access to a plugin called "Vanilla Labs" which you turned on. That's an experimental plugin we were using to test upcoming features such as an "Awesome" button. I later disabled it when I fixed your access.

    The "Awesome" button and many other great features are coming for our hosted clients (such as yourself) over the next several weeks, so while I can't give you immediate access to it again yet, it'll be worth the wait. :)

    The statistics bug is being investigated. It may take a little time to find the cause and deploy a fix, but we'll let you know our progress.

    I'm working on a better way to track the number of visits per user. However, it's a really tricky number to capture so it make take some time to find a viable way of improving it. Just be aware, for now, that it's only counting the number of times a user actually typed in their password to sign in, not the number of times they visited.
  • thank you I am most appreciative about the update.
  • Hello Lincoln.

    We are soon to make our forum partially subscription based. Its getting to the point where I really need the users, visits and stats to be working so I have a handle on what my 1500+ members are doing and how our forum is being used and by whom.

    There are decisions that need to be made soon. Please please can you fix this issue sometime soon? I have been waiting more than 3 weeks. Thank you.
  • The "Reactions" plugin should now be available in your Dashboard under "Addons". You can enable this to get back the "Awesome" button (in addition to others). More about them here: http://vanillaforums.com/blog/news/introducing-vanilla-reactions-and-badges/

    We're continuing to work on statistics anomalies this week.
  • I LOVE the reactions plug in already thank you this will be very helpful in our community. Am really looking forward to our stats working however, that will be super great
  • We have a fix for the user "visits" counter ready to be deployed. There are a few other new features that need to be finished testing though before it can get released.
  • Yay!
    Will the user VISITS fix these counters too?
    Page Views 21,174
    Users 0
    Discussions 3
    Comments 15

    and the page counter?

    Thanks for letting me know.

  • The Dashboard statistics (page views, etc) are a separate issue and we're still working on it :)
  • ooooh boy. Okay. I do appreciate the information. I did not realize how valuable theis information would be until recently. :D I am looking forward to having it all working well. Thank you.
  • We can rebuild the user, comment, and discussion data retroactively so that data isn't being lost.

    Are you using Google Analytics? That can provide great additional page view information about your traffic. If you decide to set up a Google Analytics account, let me know and I can help you with the setup on your forum.
  • VERY cool. I am not. I have no idea how to use that but will look into it. I would love to know more. Thank you so much Lincoln.
  • Hi Lincoln. We are one month away from launching our subscriber program. This week it will be 7 weeks since reporting the broken statistics/page views/ visits counters. Will this possibly be fixed addressed in the next two weeks? Please?
    I'm sure google analytics has some solutions but I'd really just like this interface right here to WORK.

    Thanks for updating me ASAP.
  • Hi @juliacannon, we're currently hard at work fixing issues caused by a bad migration by our hosting provider last week. We're concentrating our efforts to ensure stability and high-performance for everyone. We will tackle the Dashboard Statistics issue as soon as we can. Thanks for your patience while we address these high priority items first. :)

    Services like Google Analytics provide excellent data for needs like managing your subscription program, and many of our clients use it for more detailed looks at their site. If you'd like assistance adding Google Analytics to your site, I'd be happy to answer any questions about it.
  • Hello

    So, its been yet another month, more actually, 5 weeks. Please tell me you have fixed the stats problem, the visits problem, and just have not turned them on in our forum?
    We have been so patient and this has been more than disappointing to wait so long.

    Thank you for an update and DATE when this will finally be fixed.

  • edited May 2012
    Hi Julia, I'm looking at your Dashboard and your stats look fine: http://qhht.vanillaforums.com/settings

    The discussions and comments look like a flat line only because of the scale. To see them better, click the box next to "Pageviews" to hide it. That will recalibrate the scale to be lower so you can see the discussions and comments better.

    I believe the visits counter was improved in mid-April during our last update.
  • Hello Lincoln.
    The line graph looks okay, that has not *ever* been the issue.

    The issue has been visits, views comments, as below...

    The following info has never made sense...for instance the page views never change and the active user stats are all very wrong and never change.

    Please advise.
    Thank you.

    Popular Discussions Comments Follows Views
    Client not able to visualize 32 7 300
    Dolores Cannon's "Dedicated Practitioners" Book 24 5 200
    Valuable information from the SC 25 1 100
    Energy Impressions 19 2 100
    My boyfriend has stage 3 lung cancer, any advice really appreciated 14 1 100
    Success Rate of Somnambulistic state of trance ? 11 0 100
    Girl found it difficult to stay hypnotised 10 0 100
    Unresponsive SC Session 9 1 100
    On The Road Again 7 1 100
    Subscribe HERE 2 0 100
    Active Users Comments
    Candace_CrawGoldman 39
    Jane.McIlvaine 26
    Kaye.Tench 26
    Sian.Chua 25
    Steve.Paphazy 12
    Chris.Robilliard 11
    Anne.Ashley 9
    Narek_Gasparyan 8
    Patti.Intoranat 8
  • Actually I went and looked at the line graph a bit closer... let me clarify the statement that the graph works.

    What does seem to work I think, is the general activity level with the orange line... but the page views cannot be correct...the little popup that goes along the line that tracks discussions and users does not seem to work.

    For example for May 12, it says 500 page views, 1 Discussion, 0 users and 5 comments.
    How can those numbers work?

    Also...the page views every day are even one hundreds or hundreds plus one...so for looking back every day from today to April 26....I see these kinds of page views 300, 400, 501, 601,301, 300. 200, 300, 201....

    I am certain these are incorrect. and the stats below as stated, never change.

    Please do look a little more carefully at our page stats, thank you.
  • The "discussions" graph line represents how many new discussions have been started that day. The "users" line is how many new members registered that day.

    Our "views" updater currently runs every 100 views, hence the multiples. Having it keep track of every view incrementally causes the servers to melt :)
  • Hi Lincoln

    Well its good to learn these details from you here, thank you, (there seems to be no other way to learn them...)

    So now I understand everything...except one, the Active Users Comments. The numbers do not match what is on their pages or what I know to be their activity level.

    Thanks in advance for one more explanation.
  • Hi Julia,

    Those are the number of comments in the time period selected above in the timeline. If you move the sliders around, the number of comments change appropriately.
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