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Where are the share buttons (Twitter, Facebook, EMail, etc.) that appear under posts?

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How do you get the different share buttons (Twitter, Facebook, EMail, etc.) to appear under posts and comments?


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    Howdy @bjornson, that's a plugin that isn't available on the free plan.
  • Is it available for the pro plan???? Share with Facebook would be cool. Does it play friendly with embedded forums?
  • Thanks for the answer Lincoln. Is it available on the Small Business plan or only on the Enterprise package?
  • Yes, it is available on all paid plans. Apologies for losing track of this discussion. I presume it works fine with the embed functions, Horton. Let me know if either of you would like it enabled and I'll do so.
  • If it is on my dashboard ... better that I enable it but I do not see it.
  • @Horton It's a hidden plugin. It's available as in "it's there behind the scenes and I can turn it on for you."
  • will lets give it a try. Worst case we turn it back off.
  • OK, the Share This plugin has been enabled on your site.
  • Oooo I think that is pretty cool. We will see if my users use it....
  • The placement is sort of odd. It looks as if it is at the top of the second post in the thread. Could it move up?
  • I'll see what I can do, but it would probably take a bit to get that change out. We have a few changes in the pipeline already.
  • Cool - I am going to watch the ShareThis stats to see if I am getting any action from the buttons.
  • Thanks Lincoln! Could you please enabled the function on my page as well? It would be excellent to see it in action :0)
  • Howdy @bjornson, as I said earlier, it's only available on paid plans. Free plans only have access to the plugins that already appear in your Dashboard.
  • Hello Lincoln, This is bjornson using our main account that have switched to a paid account...could you please switch on the social network buttons. I am an admin to this page at http://weowe.cl0.vanillaforums.com/. Do I need to provide any other information?
  • Hi @Destynova, sure, I'm going to have your site moved to our newer infrastructure before turning that on, so I'll let you know as soon as that's done.
  • @Destynova This is done and I followed up with you via email.
  • @lincoln

    I love the idea but I am not getting much action from ShareThis. Can we disable it for now?
  • @Horton Sure, done.
  • Hi Lincoln - The FB share buttons are no longer available - is this normal?

    The FB Add-on is enabled, but the forum does not provide users with an option to share a post.

    Thank you for looking into this.

  • Please disregard / delete comment above - figured it out - Need to register with Sharethis.
  • @Destynova OK, glad you got it sorted!
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