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How to enable CAPTCHA for registration

How does one enable a CAPTCHA for new user registration? My forum receives around 700 spam registrations per day.

If this isn't possible, can you tell me how to export all forum data so that I can host it myself?



  • Hi @Joe

    If you set the registration method to 'Basic' it will require a CAPTCHA upon registration, however, applicants will be allowed access immediately without you needing to approve them. You can require an email validation and you can choose to put new users into a specified Role if you want more control with the Basic registration option selected.

    We recommend enabling the StopForum Spam and Akismet plugins. That should help if you choose to keep registration set to Approval.

  • I used to have the registration method set to 'Basic', but some spammers were still getting through and polluting the forum. This is despite having the StopForum Spam and Akismet plugins enabled.

    So I changed the registration method to 'Approval'. Now at least I don't have to keep deleting spam messages from the forum. But the spam queue gets hit with ~700 requests per day. And some spam requests don't get caught so they end up hitting my inbox.

    Is it possible to enable the CAPTCHA and also have registration method set to 'Approval'?

  • Unfortunately, that's not possible.

    You might want to consider using the Ranks feature and restrict the abilities of newbies - for example not allow them to include links in the forum. Some of our customers have reported being victims of human spammer and these sorts of things deter them.

    Also, I would encourage turning on Reactions and asking the community to flag spammers. Get everyone involved.

    Here's some generalized advice:

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