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Turning on Notifications for an Entire Category

Our forum is almost ready for launch...just fine-tuning at this point.

I wanted to make a tutorial for users to turn on notifications for a category, with screencaps. But I noticed I can only see the option to turn on notifications for an entire category when I am logged in as an administrator--any other role does not seem to have this option. Is there a way a regular user can do this? Is it something that I've failed to set in Roles and Permissions?

Also, I notice that having the full text of a post/comment in email notifications is something we have to request...so I would like to request that to be turned on if possible.



  • Never mind on the first part of this question, I found it! Advanced Notifications under Roles & Permissions, if anyone else is looking.

  • Hi, I've enabled full text for emails and notifications.

  • Thank you!

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