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Groups main page layout suggestion

edited July 2013 in Questions

This is a suggestion more than a formal request or question.

The way the main Groups page is set up with tiles for each of the My Groups, New Groups and Popular groups => to me it is unintuitive. For starters each group is presented too many times on one page and you can not see if anything has changed without opening the group.

Could it be laid out more like the main Discussions page? One row per Group & showing the number of new objects inside like the discussions page shows new posts? Something like that?

I want to leverage groups but if I (the admin) am lost then my users are never going to get it.


  • Hmm, that's a good idea on the face of it I think. I know we certainly want to have group pictures. The current layout was designed for communities that have a tonne of groups and thus they wouldn't really repeat. We'll think on this. Keep the ideas coming though!

  • For my usage 10 groups would be a about the max.

    My main content will always be my basic forum but I see huge potential in a few key groups.

    To me the groups could become: Concentrated silos of specific but not core conversations and events.

  • @Todd I hate to ask because I am cheap but what would it cost me to get my groups theme changed to be laid out like what I asked above?

  • @Horton This is something that we'll look at as part of our roadmap process rather than as a customization. If you're interested in some simple themeing (CSS and minor layout changes) please send an email to [email protected]

  • Thanks @Ives I agree that it would be better as a core change.

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