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announcements are not sticking anymore

I have tested this a few times to make sure it wasn't a fluke with one specific post. For some reason on our forum, announcements are not sticking to the top of the discussion list. We are using the "sub-forum AND recent discussions" option when announcing, if that helps. Could we please have this addressed ASAP?


  • +1 to this, not only on the subforum but on the recent discussions list.

  • Hi @David_Quinn_Carder , I see 3 discussions stuck as announcements to the top of your main discussions list: http://forum.drawmixpaint.com/discussions

    Did you perhaps "Dismiss" them? That would unstick them just for you.

  • @Lincoln No, those were "announced" prior to this problem occurring. This problem is not retroactive — it only effects newly announced stuff. @mgbhard is having the same issue. The "dismiss" option is not available on these newly announced topics, so it's as if they are being auto-dismissed upon creation. I have tried creating announcements under two different usernames and I have viewed the results signed in as different users and also as a guest, and the results are the same.

  • @mgbhard Your only 3 discussions that are marked as both "Announced on [category] and recent discussions" are in categories that have been marked "Hide from the recent discussions page."

  • @Lincoln If you want temporary admin permissions (don't know if you can do that on your own), you can try it out on our forum yourself.

  • @David_Quinn_Carder I have confirmed in your database that there are only 2 discussions that have been marked for announcing in Recent Discussions. I erred when I said it was "3" earlier - the third was is an illusion caused by a category-only announcement happening to be the most recent discussion with a comment.

    What other discussion(s) have you attempted to announce?

  • @David_Quinn_Carder I've found the source of confusion. The New Discussion form is setting the value incorrectly. I'll get a patch ready. Use the "Announce..." option under the options menu (gear icon) for the discussion to set your desired Announce level in the meantime.

  • @Lincoln Thanks! I was just typing up a reply to say that we figured this solution out! I believe we tried the "Announce…" option on the Discussion List itself and that didn't work — I could be wrong, but you might want to double-check that. However, if I actually go into the discussion itself and announce through the gear icon, it does work.

    Thanks again!

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