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Enable SSL

edited July 2013 in Questions

I need to upload new security certificates for the following sites:

forums.dlt.mooc-ed.org (fi-ncsu.vanillaforums.com)

forums.tocc.mooc-ed.org (tocc.vanillaforums.com)

Thank you.


  • Hi, do you have an sftp account? If not we can create one for you, or you can send a password protected zip file using the last four digits of your card on file with us.

  • I have sent the certificates via email to Derrick Eason. What is the status?

  • Hi @bmbouter,

    The sites in question are FORUMS.DLT.MOOC-ED.ORG and FORUMS.TOCC.MOOC-ED.ORG. The certificate is a wildcard that matches *.MOOC-ED.ORG. This should match, but the browser doesn't like the fact that there is an additional layer of subdomain between MOOC-ED.ORG and FORUMS (.dlt and .tocc respectively).

    My suggestion is to switch from a wildcard certificate to a SAN certificate, and add both of these domain names to the SAN.

    I will send this to you via email as well.


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