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Spam Queue - Akismet

Should I get a notification when Akismet captures a post? That is not happening at the moment.


  • Hi Horton, no, there's no notification for that. When a site is hammered by a spammer, that would flood your inbox.

  • @Lincoln

    I am not getting any kind of notifications (email) and members are getting blocked. Do I need to check my personal settings? I will.

    I have gotten emails from 2 or 3 members in the last 24 hours that could not post until I marked them as "This user is verified as a non-spammer" (or at least I think that is what worked)

    On a happy note: no real spammers are getting through at this time. And yes I see that even this forum is getting hit.

    I am telling you, if we can block all of China....

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