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Remaining Glitches

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Hi @mark, @lincoln and @lizzie (since you 3 have been heavily involved in my forum!)

It's been awhile...I decided to wait and see how the forum was running. I think it's been 2 months?
Anyway, I compiled a list of my remaining forum glitches that need to be fixed please (that I have been monitoring over this time, to make sure it really was a recurring issue). I am starting to lose money (not cool) and need all these things fixed as soon as possible, so I can finally install advertisements!

1- Members cannot post anonymously from the mobile site. Please enable this! The mobile site happens to be amazing and a LOT of my members access the forum from their mobiles only, so this is important.

2- Another anonymous glitch is that, when posting in a regular category sometimes, the comment before POSTING it suddenly reopens as a new box, asking if it wants to post anonymously. See photo here: /Users/brachabard-wigdor/Desktop/anonymous glitch.pdf

3- This one is weird. When writing a message sometimes, also BEFORE sending the message, the message box changes from it's standard box to a weird empty white one. Then, if you press send (when this happens) the whole message vanishes and your redirected to a page that says "Sorry, your action cannot be done". Then you hit back on the server, you are redirecting to your messages BUT your entire message got lost in space!! And is therefore deleted. See photo here: /Users/brachabard-wigdor/Desktop/Message Deleted.pdf

4-Email notifications. At first I thought some members were crazy, because they said they checked off their boxes and then went back and they were UNchecked without them doing so. I believed it when it happened to me!! See photo here: /Users/brachabard-wigdor/Desktop/BrachaBardWigdor - balaboostas email check off .pdf
All my boxes were checked off, then one day they were mysteriously unchecked. This HAS happened several times.

5-Email notifications still seem to be very inconsistent. I have members who checked off ALL boxes and don't get ANY notifications OR get ONLY when something is flagged!!! This needs to be fixed ASAP. 2 member examples are DINA ZELCER and SARA MUSCHEL. They body keep telling me they checked off all the boxes, but get no emails. I get all emails, but I need to know that my members can too if thats what they choose!
I also asked (as the admin) who is having trouble with this, please see the responses here (it is not just 1 or 2 members): http://balaboostas.vanillaforums.com/discussion/351/email-notifications-you-getting-them#Item_14

6-Anonymous in connection to emails. This should be easy to fix, I get emails when "Anonymous" STARTS a discussion, but don't get ANY email notifications from when "anonymous" comments. I was thinking MAYBE this was because "Anonymous" has no IP address?? Not sure! Anyway, please enable me and other members to get emails from comments that are made anonymously as well!

7- The "WALL on personal profiles" have not been working for awhile now! If I try to write something on someones wall OR comment on their photo, it vanishes and doesn't post! Please fix...

8- The "Notifications" on the profiles don't work either. I can ONLY see page one. When I hit NEXT to see the rest of the notifications, it stays on the same page and doesn't take me to the older pages. This is frustrating, because I like to be able to refer back to those notifications. (It worked a few months ago.)

9- When I was (understandably) frustrated with all the glitches awhile back, @mark said perhaps the reason why I was having more glitches than your other clients was because I have too many plugins installed? I need my plugins!! The only one I am willing to give up is the "Popular Tags" one, as it is not necessary for my forum! However, I am pretty disappointed if this is the case - because I need EVERYTHING running smoothly (as per quoted in the contract)! If there are Plugins that I want installed, I should have them with no issue!

10- One more messaging issue. Several times I got an EMAIL notification that I received a MESSAGE from someone on the forum, but never got it on the forum?? I would go back and have NO message from that member and only knew about it because of the email. This is very strange and needs to be fixed.

*I want to say that I DO appreciate when things are fixed. Very much actually. I was frustrated in the past, so I decided to let time pass and see which ones are still constantly going wrong! And found the above ones to be a constant/recurring issue. At this point, my wish as a paying customer is that the remaining errors are corrected, fixed and addressed promptly, so I can start with advertising. The ONLY reason why I switched back to you guys form GoDaddy, was for THIS very feature. SO that when things are broke, they can get fixed! Please show me that my money has been well spent and that I made the right choice. If I don't start bringing in money from ads, I WILL have to go and find a cheaper hosting service. Therefore, please fix the above issues so we can proceed!!!*

Thank you very much for your time and work.


These are not issues, these are just points or questions:

A- How do I send out mass Emails to ALL members? Let's say I want to email everyone about a promotion, or event, or giveaway etc. etc. or even wish them Happy Holidays! How do I do that?

B- Is there a plugin to see ALL members? I mean for other members to see this as well, not just me - the admin? Or a way to search them. Members are requesting this and I think it would be rather helpful!


  • It looks like you've got quite a list here. It's a bit difficult for us to schedule troubleshooting when we get this many requests at once, so I'll start looking into them over the next few days and get back to you Monday or Tuesday with followups. Cheers :)
  • Thanks @Lincoln, I will be waiting :)
  • It's been 11 days, I need an update please!!
  • 2 weird things changed over the weekend and I did not request these changes! Please revert them back to the original way it was.

    A) Comments are now starting from the 1st comment on a thread, as opposed to the one you are up to. It shouldn't be the original comment. It should be wherever the reader last read up to - and then start from whatever new comments has been added.

    B) The email notifications have no comment in them, aside for the link! It always provided the content! Please revert these 2 things back to the way it was b/4 the wknd!

  • I was delayed in addressing your requests and will resume work on them again tomorrow.

    Did you recently enable the Voting plugin? That's been known to interfere with the jump-to-newest-comment functionality.

    I'll have to look into the email notification question further.
  • OK, thank you.

    No I didn't recently enable it. I've had the voting plugin since the start of the forum and never encountered this issue.

  • We have recently made some changes to notifications. Before notifications would show the comment body only in some circumstances. We've made comment and discussion notifications work in a unified manor now. We will not be changing this back. When you use any hosted application it may change from time to time. Some things you'll like right away and some things will take getting used to.

    When you sort comments by votes rather than date then you won't jump to the latest comment when clicking on a new discussion.
  • @Todd what does "unified manor" mean? I never said anything about not liking change! But it has to be better, not worse. I don't need to get used to glitches...it's stuff that shouldn't happen to begin with, and needs to get fixed!

    I didn't change ANY settings and it auto-matically happened. It's not only me, ALL members are viewing it this way, even though my settings are by date, and not by vote.
  • Oops, I spelled manner wrong, but what I meant is that all notifications now appear in the way you are now seeing them. This is what works for most people and it is the way our product works. It is beyond the scope of customer support to modify the forum to your specific wishes.

    We are happy to answer questions for you, but modifying your forum is beyond the terms of support.
  • @Todd what do you mean "is is the way our product works" until now I had it that way! And frankly, that's what I had in the contract!! How can you guys go back on things I payed for in the contract? It's not my "specific wishes" it's what I am PAYING for!

  • And why aren't my glitches being fixed?? It's been almost 2 weeks!!!!
  • The delay is because you have a large number of existing modifications and made a tremendous number of simultaneous requests. It therefore takes an unusual amount of time work thru them all.

    As a general note, I cannot reference any of the images / PDFs you mentioned in your initial post because those are paths on your own computer that I have no access to.

    1. Mobile anonymous commenting - This change has been made and will be released with the next deployment, likely within the next week.

    2. Commenting in normal category sometimes opens in popup, asking if it wants to post anonymously - I cannot reproduce this behavior in anonymous or normal categories. I need detailed instructions on how to reliably reproduce this in order to find out what's happening.

    3. Sometimes, before posting a comment, the message box changes to a weird empty white one - Have you been able to reproduce this, or was it a 1-time occurrence? I cannot reproduce this either. It's possible something glitchy happened in the WYSIWYG editor, but unless there's some known way to trigger this it would be extremely difficult to pursue a fix (it may have been a browser glitch).

    4. Email notifications periodically disabled - Are you saying *every* item in both columns (Email, Notify) of the Edit Preferences page is unchecked, or only the email-related ones? Have you noticed any pattern to when this happens? This is not a bug in core Vanilla and has not effected any other site, so any additional info would be helpful. Also, if it happens again to your account, please notify us immediately (before re-checking them) telling us when your last email notification was.

    5. Email notifications are inconsistent - Again, this is not a bug in core Vanilla to my knowledge. After your updated request in that discussion from October, there were only 3 replies. The first described not receiving emails for something that it's not possible to receive emails for. The second says they ARE receiving emails except one type of notification is spotty, mentions (which will not trigger if the mention is made upon editing the comment rather than in the initial comment). The third commenter expresses confusion about the software, and it's not clear they were supposed to receive any email notifications yet.

    6. No email notification for anonymous comments - This may not be possible because of the way anonymous comments work, but I am still investigating.

    7. Profile comments do not work - I am able to leave messages on member profiles and comment on their activity as expected.

    8. Profile notifications pagination broken - This is a bug in Vanilla. I have filed an issue and it will be fixed in a future release.

    9. I'm not clear what you're reporting. As Vanilla matures, the ability for all our plugins to peacefully co-exist on the same site improves. If you use a rare or unique combination of plugins and customizations, it stands to reason you will uncover rare or unique challenges that others have not encountered yet.

    10. Email for non-existent private conversation - Can you reference specific instances please? I'll need the link from the email. How many times has this happened? Has it effected anyone else? How were you able to resolve this - did the member re-send it or something else?

    A. This is not a feature in Vanilla. We can provide you with a CSV export of all your users' email addresses if you wish, but it is up to you to find an email service.

    B. No, there is not currently a supported plugin for a public member list.
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    what do you mean "is is the way our product works" until now I had it that way!
    We frequently change Vanilla. Sometimes we add features, sometimes we remove features, and sometimes we make subtle changes. In this case, we made a purposeful change to notification emails that is designed to increase traffic to our clients' sites (by not including the message contents, members return to your site to view their contents).

    If you wish to customize your email notifications, you may, as ever, contract that as a change to the base product.
  • 1It's working, thank you!

    2-What information do you need for this?

    3-It happens as frequently as every 1 in 10 messages that I send. It's not a once in a blue moon glitchy browser thing.

    4-It happens only in the email (for me). I haven't noticed any pattern. If it happens when I'm still w u guys, I will let you know.

    5-Right, but aside for that I get facebook messages from members saying they cant frequent the site but want the notifications, since they are busy moms...they checked them off and get nothing!

    6-Any update on this?

    7-It's working now! YAY

    8-OK so that is still not working, ALSO since I reported this, the notifications on the actual site aren't working at all!! It's staying by number 1, even though I should have about 100 new notifications a day...meaning, when someone mentions me, or comments on my thread, it doesn't post under the notifications on my profile. Please fix this.

    9-SO am I using a rare combination? Because @mark said on my other thread (awhile back) that it could be why I'm getting so many glitches!

    10-I will find an email and froward it. To which address?
  • Also, I need to know this ASAP! Did someone turn off my application? The last 10 applicants I got, had no application form..so I want to make sure it's up and running. Thank you.
  • @Lincoln you said to tell you a specific instance for #10! Here it is, happened about 2 hours ago. A member messaged me, I replied, and she wrote back...only it NEVER came up in my inbox on the forum, only in the email - if it weren't for that, I wouldn't know she responded.
    Here's the email info: Re: [balaboostas] BrachaBardWigdor sent you a message.

    chani fellig 11:22 AM (2 hours ago)
    it was worth the try :) but why not? and u deleted the post?? On Wed, Dec 21,...

    chani fellig chanifellig@gmail.com
    11:23 AM (2 hours ago)

    to me
    and do u know where is a good place i could post? i really want to sell it...

    chani fellig 11:25 AM (2 hours ago)
    NO but that sux :( bc i want to sell itttt > Yup deleted it, its the forum ru...

    chani fellig chanifellig@gmail.com
    11:33 AM (1 hour ago)

    to me
    YE I did but there arent tht many ppl there as apose to here....k thx

    On Wed, Dec 21, 2011 at 11:32 AM, Balaboostas wrote:
    BrachaBardWigdor sent you a message.

    Ya you can post it in the chabadiniks crown heights craigslist group...

    And you can see my messages in @Brachabardwigdor account that she didn't reply once in there, but every time I did respond from there.
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