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Can I use the mention (@user) feature with user names containing white space?

We have quite a few users with white space in their names and it would be awesome to being able to mention them as well.

The mention feature is so great to have so I'm thinking about asking everybody to modify their name if it is not possible to mention a name with white space.

I'm using Yammer at ABB and they have a drop down ala intellisense that displays matching names as you type. That makes it easier to type the name correct, and it works with white space. See that as an idea for improvement.


  • Hi, this is something that we are looking to improve on but do not have a timeline for at the moment. We appreciate the feedback.

  • OK thanks for the reply. The drop down is good to have but not directly connected to this problem.

    Simply including two words after the @ sign in the match against the user table would cover most cases. Users with two or more white spaces in their name would still be unmentionable, but how many are they...

    Easy for me to say, I dont have to think through all scenarios ;)


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