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Promoting Posts

I'm an admin moderator for our forum, and can't seem to find a way to promote a post other than "Announcement". Is this the only way? We currently have reactions turned off, but I didn't think I had to have reactions enabled to be able to promote posts.



  • Hi, Yes you need to have reactions enabled to Promote posts. It's an awesome feature and I highly encourage you to use it.

    Thanks, Jon

  • Thanks Jon! Just enabled and I'm seeing it now.

    For promoting posts, it looks like promoting any comment in the post adds +5 points to the discussion. Does a discussion's points make it more likely to stay near the top of all discussions? Or does it simply increase the post's position in the Best Of category?

    It'd be great if the point count also contributed to discussion position in the general discussion along with comment count and time. But not sure how that works...

  • Howdy Andrew,

    Promoting doesn't effect its placement in the normal Recent Discussions page. After any post gets to 5 points (via Promote or five other positive reactions) it goes to the top of the Best Of page and works its way down from there.

    I believe here's a special CSS class also applied to all discussions that have been promoted so you can hook into that to give them a different look on the main discussions list.

    Let us know if you have more questions about this.

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