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Groups Question

I cannot figure out how to make Comments / Discussions inside a group. I have my categories set to two levels deep. Could that be the problem?

I can add comments to an announcement. I can post to the parent category but not to the actual group/category.

Feel free to hack into my forum to poke around.


  • Hi,

    I apologize for the problems. We have discovered an incompatibility with Groups and several themes. We are currently working on resolving it and will have a fix out shortly.

    Thanks, Jon

  • what is the status on this?

  • Hi, We have a fix ready and should be online shortly. Thanks for you patience.


  • @jon are you guys still working on this? I use "Embed-Friendly version 3.0"

  • @Horton, just letting you know that your theme issue with groups is fixed and I've confirmed this myself on your site.

  • Hey that is great. One more thing. I built some test groups and the groups page itself is a little confusing.


    Is that how it is designed to look?

  • Yes, that is by design for groups. It will probably make a bit more sense after you have a few more groups and they are being used.

  • @Horton Are you looking at it in Firefox? I've notice the headings are messed up in that browser, making it more confusing. It's on my hit list.

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