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Syntax Prettifier and WYSIWYG editor

I'm having problems getting syntax highlight/syntax prettifier to work with the WYSIWYG editor. I can add the simple button bar but it does not work with the WYSIWYG editor enabled, clicking the "C" button (or most other formatting buttons) has no effect.

I can only manually add pre/code tags after switching to "Show source" mode.

Is syntax highlighting possible (by that I mean usable) with the WYSIWYG editor in some way, or do I have to disable WYSIWYG?

I also read this:


  • Hi Steffen,

    I will need to get back to you on this tomorrow, I'm not familiar enough with this issue to give you a definitive answer.

    Thanks, Jon

  • Hi @SteffenItterheim - yes, you'll want to use Button Bar with the Syntax Prettifier addon. The WYSIWYG doesn't play nicely with other formatters.

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