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Integrating Application Data & Forum Discussion

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In our web Application we have an application object called 'Request'.
I would like to be able to create a discussion category 'Requests' and on the application's Request page include two links.
1) New Discussion - a link that will direct the user to their Vanilla Forums account > new discussion page under the Requests category - where the discussion will be marked FOR THAT PARTICULAR Request (uniquely identified by the ID of the request that is displayed on the page).

2) Request's Forum - a link that will direct the user to their Vanilla Forums account > Requests > Discussion FOR THAT PARTICULAR Request.

Is it possible to do on the hosted plan? How difficult is it?


  • Hi Bey, you can find a tutorial on setting up custom categories here: In turns out most of what you are looking for here and in other threads require customization estimates, so we will be in touch about that when someone has had a chance to review properly.
  • Thanks.
    I already explored this and did not learn much from the tutorial (yet, i would love to view more tutorials...)
    My questions were not answered by the tutorial but, if this is the forum to make a suggestion for enhancement, here is one:
    Enable uploading an icon or image to display next to the category in order to brand it.
    The upload category image controls should appear in the Category edit page (DUH).
    Once uploaded, this image will adorn discussions and comments within this category.
    The original question has to do with customization, for sure. At this time, I am writing up several customizations we may need at our organization in order to have as seamless implementation as possible. In a couple of days i will be able to discuss those more intellignently.
  • Also, some of my posts are marked as Answered without being answered.
    How come?
  • edited November 2011
    'Answered' simply means you've gotten at least 1 reply. This is a plugin we're using here; that isn't part of default Vanilla.
  • Seems to me that the plugin marks 'Answered' even if the answer is for a different post.
    I would consider it a bug.
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