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Flagged Content

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Could you make it so that our moderators can see flagged content like the administrators and Trollhammer can? Thanks so much


  • Moderators do have that access already. I just confirmed to be sure. Let me know if any of them are having difficulty.
  • They were, and that is why I made the request. I will recheck with them, thanks so much!
  • OK, just let me know which user(s) so I can specifically check their settings too.
  • Try giving them a direct link and see what happens: http://bradthor.vanillaforums.com/plugin/flagging

    Maybe they're having navigation trouble with the new software.
  • I enabled the discussion part of Flagged content.The mods can see the title of thread, but do not have permission to open and discuss. I did not see a way to change that on my end. Can you grants MODS permission to view, discuss, etc Flagged content
  • a mod, fireman166 flagged an item, and when i try to open thread, it says i do not have permission
  • Looks like a bug in the Flagging plugin. It isn't putting the discussion in the proper category, which is why they're having trouble. I'm writing the patch and it'll be out in the next maintenance release.
  • Do you have an idea when that will be, so that we know? Thanks so much!
  • We haven't scheduled the release yet, but late this weekend is my guess.
  • please let me know when it is released, as it is still not working
  • edited November 2011
    The release is still pending. My guess was wrong :)
  • The release happened yesterday. Let me know if you have further issues.
  • I still do not have permission to discuss--the email goes out to me, and the thread appears.
  • Flagging's selected category needed to re-saved after the update.

    I've set it use your "MOD Squad" category, and I moved your recent test into that category so you can see it now.
  • It looks like it is all fixed--loved that you came onto the thread, thank you for all your help
  • Great! Cheers.
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