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users' permissions to view activity

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Hello, I looked around in the dashboard for a solution to this, but I wasn't sure where to look. A user sent me a private message saying that he could see all my banning activity and private messages when he clicked through to see my profile page. Can you help me to ensure that non-moderators cannot see this? Thanks.


  • Sure, what member was it?
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    Changing someone's role (e.g. to 'Banned') is currently a public activity on Vanilla, so that's expected. The private message part is what I'm concerned about. I just did a quick look thru your permissions and everything appears set correctly, so if you can tell me what user it was I'll have a look at what they're able to see specifically.
  • Are you sure he isn't referring to Wall messages on your profile? Those are meant to be public, a la Facebook.
  • OK, I was unaware that the banning was public. I thought my permissions looked all right, but I wanted to check. The user's name is shadowfax. Thank you for your help!
  • I can confirm shadowfax has no access to your private messages. S/he was just confusing a wall post with something that was supposed to be private.

    Cheers :)
  • Thank you, Lincoln! I got nervous because the post he quoted to me was identical to a private message I'd received. Can't keep track. Oh, well. I appreciate your help.
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