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YouTube issues

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Until a month or two ago I could use the old YouTube code as seen below. Now all those old videos do not work. The users have to post with just the URL from YouTube like

What this means is there is a lot of content on my site that is broken. I get messages every week asking me to fix old videos.

The old method


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    Haaa I posted my above thread and the video appeared (here) from old YourTube code. I tried again on my site and it did not work.

    The above post will make more sense if you click edit and look at the HTML.
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    Hey Horton, this happened because we had to tighten up HTML filtering in Vanilla to plug potential security issues. Unfortunately I can't think of a safe way to make the old ones work without doing a massive find-and-replace on your entire site, which is something we shy away from because there is potential for data corruption (e.g. "Oops, it deleted the entire comment in 20 places because there was an extra quote in the code"). Probably not worth the risk.
  • @Lincoln
    I understand and would not want to do anything crazy.

    Am I to understand that my forum's HTML filtering is stronger than this support forum? Again the old YouTube code works here.
  • Hey @Horton, yeah, the code on this site isn't as up to date. We've actually decided to reverse this filtering for now, so it should start working again once that's done.
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