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Need dump of our Forum.

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Please provide a full dump of our forum. The dump can be uploaded to your SFTP site and we will pull it when it becomes available - This is the same server / location where we uploaded our dump when we moved from our internal forum to Vanilla. Let me know when the dump is ready. We would want to keep a copy of this on on servers.


  • Tim GunterTim Gunter Administrator, Operations, Staff
    edited July 2013

    I've prepared a dump as of this moment, and uploaded it to a separate location on our projects server:

    Let me know if this is sufficient.
  • Thank you Tim.. I will get back to you if I need any further assistance.
  • Hi Tim,

    thanks for the update.

    May i know how to import it to punbb schema. We have old punbb forums and we want to import this data and try it once.

    The given dump is having full of new tables corresponds to vanilla. Is there a way to import to same punbb schema?

    Please provide if you have have steps or better solution to import vanilla data to punbb forums.
  • I'm not clear whether you're asking for help moving punBB data into a Vanilla forum, or Vanilla data into punBB forum.
  • We need help to import Vanilla data into punbb..
  • Tim GunterTim Gunter Administrator, Operations, Staff
    Helping you export your forum to a new platform is not something we do.
  • yep, we need to move vanilla data to punbb forum..

    is that possible?
  • Tim GunterTim Gunter Administrator, Operations, Staff
    Unfortunately that is a problem that you will need to solve for yourselves, or perhaps ask the PunBB staff. As I said earlier, we are not able to provide support for other products.
  • Can you send me a fresh dump for my forum please.
  • Can I have a Fresh dump of my forum please. You can upload the dump in the smae place as the previous dump. Please let me know when this is done..
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