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Poll Plugin

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I'd like the best poll plugin added to btclog.com



  • Howdy, you'll need to know which approved plugin it is that you'd like installed. "Best" is a very qualitative term; it means very different things for different people.
  • I thought you guys stopped using Poll plugins? Details please? Thanks :)
  • I don't know of an approved poll plugin off hand. If one doesn't exist I apologize for being misleading but the original post made it sounds like you knew of one.
  • There are two plugins currently and only one of them is viable. Have you worked with this one?


    It may need to be looked over for approval. Is there a generic plugin to allow moderators and up to insert javascript into a post?
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    We're not ready to support that plugin, sorry. If you'd like to have a variation of that plugin created for your site, I can have sales contact you.

    There's not currently a way to let any members insert script into posts. We have something in the works, but it's not ready for deployment yet. When it goes live, it will show up in your plugins list or we'll notify you. It may be a while yet, though.
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