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User "Change Picture"?

edited September 2011 in Questions
As admin I can add images for my users. My "Members" to not have the "Change My Picture" link.

Is this a setting issue?


  • You need to give members the new Garden.Profiles.Edit permission.
  • No such option... I have Garden.Profiles.View but do not see Garden.Profiles.Edit

    Unless I am looking in wrong place. Running Version 2.0.18b4
  • Is there a doc about the Garden settings. Pretty sure I understand but ....
  • Check again now; I forgot to run an update.
  • Perfect

    What about a doc about the Garden?
  • All the documentation currently available is here: http://vanillaforums.org/docs
  • Sorry to reopen the topic, but I'm having the same problem right now, for version : I want to authorize our users to change their pictures, but the "Change My Picture" link is missing for members.

    So I went to the dashboard, "Roles & Permissions", "Member", "Edit". On the "Edit Role" page, I can see the "Garden" settings, but I don't have the "Garden.Profiles.Edit" permission.

    Could it be I missed something, or is there an issue ?
  • Hi @s_p, this is a support forum for vanillaforums.com clients. Please use the community discussion board for support with your private install.
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